Collect more with less time, effort, and hassle. Payments is the full payment processing solution that offers multiple contactless payment options that let your customers pay the way they want, whether they’re in the office or miles away.

collect payments over text

Payment Options -
Convenient for your customers.

Text To Pay, an innovative feature that allows your customers to pay instantly from a mobile device. Just text, click, and it’s paid.

Personalize -
Personalize your payment experience

Customize your customer invoice or payment page with your billing information, company name and logo.

Provide friendly billing with personalized messages to customers without any hassle! Simply use pre-filled message templates and shortcodes to quickly personalize your texts and payment requests.

Invoicing -
Start sending your customers invoices for jobs and start getting paid

Create custom invoices to send to your customers with items preselected or for one off projects.

Send invoices via text or email and collect payment. Set the due date for the invoice, and create a follow up sequence to reminder your customer to pay the invoice before then.

Billing history - Collect more payments on time

With our easy-to-use Payments dashboard, you can quickly see which bills are outstanding, which have been paid, which have been refunded, and which need to be recorded. Now you can view and manage any customer’s billing history — all from one place.