Web Assistant

Start capturing leads and stop letting business slip through the cracks.

Let your website work harder for you by allowing customers to schedule with and text your business whenever it works for them. Then quickly respond when you can and continue with your day.

web assistant - chat widget - text leads
web assistant - chat widget - text leads

Respond when you want to.

Unlike phone calls, Web Assistant’s Appointment Requests and Text Connect conversations give you the flexibility to respond when it’s convenient for you. So feel free to give your full attention to that customer that just walked in.


Scheduling power, now in your customer’s hands.

Anyone can shop online for anything, anywhere, anytime. Why should booking an appointment be any different? Appointment Requests let your customers provide times that work for them on your website and allow you to confirm or suggest another time, all through text.


Your office, just a text away.

Traditional web chat tools handcuff customers to a website to chat with a representative. Text Connect frees your customers by simply starting a text conversation, letting them carry the conversation how and when it’s convenient for them—night or day.